Rednecks are a very durable breed of individual.  Strong of spirit, and fully equipped with a colorful history, these individuals bring a unique style and viewpoint to everything that they encounter in life.

They are used to hard work, and even harder play, and this has given them the ability to weather out an economic depression with ease. Contentment is found in the simple things in life and a true Redneck is born and raised with this theory in mind.

So when I opened the virtual doors to doing business online in March of 2007 just prior to the greatest economic downturn since ‘The Great Depression’, I found my  first footsteps into Cyberland being taken on somewhat shaky economic ground. But not to be deterred by the current financial predictions for new businesses, and in true Redneck style, this determined Redneck spirited lady quietly directs her way onto the computer screens of Rednecks throughout the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world.

An accomplished writer handing out tips, quips, short stories, and advice to help country folk survive in the modern world my work shines with a country spirit within its words.

I write about a crow views the world , how to keep your gopher population under control, and if you are wondering how to plant a tree …. well I write about that too.

I have written an article which will help you to discover natural laxatives and another on natural ways to heal from depression.

I will admit that I write about some pretty strange stuff so if you want to learn all about flatulence and why some people pass more gas than others, or if you happen to be suffering from a mosquito problem, well I writes about that kind of stuff too.

I have an article to help you out with natural ways of removing excess mucous and phlegm.

Whether writing articles that a Redneck will understand, or creating a product line of gifts with a distinct old country spirit in mind, you will find me out there.

If you are out and about in Cyberland, pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee, and then stop by to read an article or two.

If you have a little Redneck in your family heritage, or have a friend or acquaintance who you think might be a little country in nature, you are sure to enjoy a few of my writings. I like to keep things nice and simple.

Sid Lebedoff and his wife Nancy are the couple featured on many of my redneck articles. On May 15, 2013 Sid passed away from a heart attack. To help his wife carry on without him my Redneck writings are now set aside as a Legacy Account in memory of Sid. Rest in peace Sid.